Bucket List Life

Welcome to the adventurous world of Bucket List Life!

Originally created in 2012 by Nona and her now-husband, Bucket List documents their attempt to complete their own (very long) Bucket List, with help from their friends, their melodramatic dog, and all the amazing people they meet along the way.

So Far..

Currently, each item that they complete is depicted in an illustration drawn by Nona and then accompanied with a Polaroid photograph as a little extra proof that they did in fact complete the item. They tackle each new item and challenge with a "figure it out as they go" kind of attitude.

The plan for the future of the Bucket List project is to create animated shorts, to show in more detail the experience of completing each Bucket List item. Showing the problems encountered, the lovely and interesting people they meet, and the fun they have continuing on their adventures. Currently in the early stages of development, with an attempt to evolve and adapt the current illustrations and characters into a dynamic and recognisable animation style.