Horoscope Witches

Tap Into The Magic All Around You With Horoscope Witches, An Illustrated Guide To The Zodiac Signs As Witch Personas!

Digital Illustration of the Horoscope Witch

Even if you don’t need to believe in the stars, Horoscope Witches by Nona has illustrations everyone will appreciate. A passion project completed over several months, the self-taught artist Nona challenged herself to create twelve witch characters based on the horoscope signs. She reimagined all of the signs as a witch with a particular type of magic, familiar, and personality. Along with the illustrations Nona also created in-depth biographies on each witch. Nona had to conduct extensive research into the horoscope signs, witchcraft, and astrology in order to make her designs as accurate as possible to the stereotypes of each sign and to give as much detail and information for the reader to enjoy.

The Book

Horoscope Witches is a fascinating and wonderfully readable exploration of witchcraft, astrology, and character design. With stunning illustrations by the artist Nona that bring the magic of the stars to life. This comprehensive compendium is also a delightful page-turner that’s full of unexpected treasures. Find out what magical abilities your date of birth deem you capable of! Each Horoscope Witch has an in-depth character profile outlining their magic traits, skills, personality, and familiar. Spread the fun with all the witches in your life as together you find out what magic the stars have in store for you!

The Book