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Potion Of Relaxation Capybaras Keychain

Potion Of Relaxation Capybaras Keychain

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You can chillax with the Capybara Potion of Relaxation acrylic keychain! Perfect for your keys, this capybara-shaped keyring promises to cast a spell of sweet relaxation anytime, anywhere. Unwind with the magical powers of these furry critters - and don't worry stay cappy!

Featuring two different designs on each side, our full-colour acrylic keychains are printed on clear acrylic, plus they come with a golden chain clasp to make this keychain extra fancy!

Product Details

  • Size of Charm - 65mm x 50mm (2.5" x 2")
  • Size (including clasp) - 120mm x 50mm (4.7" x 2")
  • Material - Clear Acrylic 

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