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Digital Illustration of a Futakuchi Onna singing karaoke


An A to Z of Modern Monsters

Travel the world meeting unusual creatures from different mythologies and explore what these ancient beings are up to in the 21st century in this full colour illustrated anthology. Follow along as Nona completes the project, creating a modern-day version of a mythical creature to correspond with each letter of the English alphabet.

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Digital illustration of a female samurai


The Eldest

Nona's debut illustrated storybook is a stirring account of bravery, sacrifice, and sisterly love. Featuring traditional pen and ink character art, which creates a book filled with visually captivating story telling.

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Digital Illustration of the Horoscope Witch


Horoscope Witches

Horoscope Witches is a compilation anthology of twelve witch characters based on the horoscope signs. Nona has reimagined all of the signs as a witch with a particular type of magic, familiar, and personality.

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On Hiatus

Bucket List Life

Bucket List Life documents Nona's attempt to complete her own Bucket List, with help from their friends, their melodramatic dog, and all the amazing people they meet along the way.

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